The History Behind Bunny Ears

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We’ve probably all done it before, I know we’ve definitely all been a victim of it at one stage of our lives, but what does having two fingers stuck up behind your head actually mean?

Ever since primary school, I can remember being a victim of the infamous bunny ears, also taking any chance I got to get somebody else with the home made ears, but it wasn’t until too long ago that I realised I had no idea how it originally came around or the real meaning behind the gesture.

To be fair I just thought it was done to make the victim look like a plonker!

Then it dawned on me… what if it was the people practicing the two finger gesture who was actually playing a joke on themselves?

We can trace bunny ears all the way back to the Mid 50’s, this was also when taking pictures became more popular, and people started experimenting with their pictures i.e. posing. Before this time, believe it or not, having your picture taken was described as more of a boring chore or even a punishment.

Some believe when bunny ears are put behind your head and the fingers are curved, it means that the person likes you or has a crush on you.

Other believe when bunny ears are done and the fingers are straight, it means that you are friends, and they’re playing with you.

Most people do it during pictures as a practical joke and think they’re ruining a picture for somebody who takes themselves too seriously.

I do it because I’ve seen it being done ever since I can remember and just like pouting I doubt it will ever go out of fashion.

Why do you do it?